Lead Calmly in Chaos

78% of leaders identify a need to enhance their skills in change management, strategic decision-making and developing their team members.

Dr. Baker's Latest Release as Featured on Yahoo News

The Toxic Workplace Survival Guide is your lifeline to peace and productivity. Learn how to set boundaries and manage stress to live your best life.

Now Also Available as an AI-narrated Book on Audible!

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Meet Dr. Sara Baker

Your Guide to a Peaceful, Productive Workplace


With two decades of hands-on leadership and academic expertise, Dr. Sara Baker is your go-to expert for navigating toxic work environments and evolving into the leader you were meant to be. She specializes in turning challenging workplaces into spaces of productivity, peace, and empowerment. Don't just survive—lead with meaningful impact.

Mastering Change in Chaos: A New Leadership Paradigm

Change is not just inevitable, it's the new normal. "Mastering Change in Chaos" is designed for current and aspiring leaders who want to excel in unpredictable environments and lead their teams with confidence and agility.

This course takes a unique look into the heart of chaos theory and unveils a framework so you can manage change in chaos in your everyday, practical leadership. You'll learn how to anticipate, adapt to, and influence change within your organization, turning potential chaos into a structured opportunity for growth and innovation.

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Leadership Reformation Testimonials

What People Are Saying

The courses at the Leadership Reformation are game-changers. They're not only informative but also incredibly engaging. I've applied the lessons learned to my daily work, and the results are evident in my team's increased productivity and collaboration.

Casey R., Operations Supervisor

Dr. Baker's on-demand video courses are a standout experience. Despite the online format, her authenticity and warmth shine through every lesson. It's rare to find an online course where you truly feel the instructor's presence and genuine care. Dr. Baker's positive and encouraging approach made me feel as though she was right there with me.

Alex J., Health Services Manager

My first two courses with Sara have been a transformative experience. Her engaging teaching style and the practical insights shared have not only been enlightening but also empowering. I feel a lot more confident and can approach my leadership role with enthusiasm, leaving behind any feelings of intimidation. I'm genuinely excited about the journey ahead as a leader, thanks to these courses.

Taylor M, Marketing Team Lead

I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Baker's deep understanding and knowledge of the course material. Her feedback was insightful and conveyed a genuine sense of care and dedication to my learning. It's evident that she puts her heart into her teaching, making the learning experience both enriching and personally meaningful.

Jamie C, Customer Success Manager

Attending Dr. Baker's leadership workshop was an enlightening experience. The interactive sessions and real-world scenarios provided me with valuable tools that I've since implemented successfully in my role as a manager.

Samantha, Project Coordinator

I've been a regular reader of The Leadership Reformation blog, and it's been instrumental in my professional growth. The insights and tips Sara shares are not only thought-provoking but immediately applicable.

Jordan M, Program Director

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