About The Leadership Reformation

About The Leadership Reformation

This isn't your average leadership blog. It's a status-quo hating, unique perspective having, truth-telling blog.

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Our Purpose

  • We provide resources for managers and team leaders who want to fix toxicity in their work environments.
  • If you sometimes feel overwhelmed and overworked from leading your team, then you are in the right place.
  • We're here to help you focus on the most important actions of leading so that you aren't wasting time and spinning your wheels.
  • It's time to create healthy work environments and you don't have to do it all alone.


**And since we don't believe in leaving anyone out, we also have a strategy guide for employees who want to learn how to take better care of themselves.

If You Want to Be the Best Leader You Can Be,
You Are in the Right Place!

Dr. Sara Baker, Founder of the Leadership Reformation

Sara J. Baker, Ed.D.

Hey, I'm Sara, founder of the Leadership Reformation and a leadership coach, author and educator.

I've helped thousands of people find answers and grow their leadership skills over my 20+ year career. I have a couple of degrees in leadership and have extensive experience leading large teams in a complex international organization. I have experience in leadership positions for non-profit, private sector, and government organizations.

I assist professional women who are looking to effect change in their workplaces by reducing stress, addressing toxicity and creating a positive team atmosphere.

5 Leadership Actions to Go from Chaos to Calm

The common thread in the workplace today is that people are stressed out by the chaos in the world around us.

The exposure to constant unknowns and the continual change in "normal" has led to increases in toxic behaviors from employees and even managers - it has also led to a hyper-awareness of TOXICITY in the workplace.

The PACED Leadership approach is based on the 5 steps that I have used time and again to turn teams around. Now I share those 5 PACED leadership actions with other managers who want a positive team and a healthy workplace.

Through my books, articles and online courses, I am committed to helping people create healthier, positive workplaces.

I simplify the complicated parts of leadership and reduce the overwhelm to make leading a team easy and accessible for everyone.

Stress Detox Strategies in Toxic Workplaces

My passion for stopping #toxicworkplaces is so intense that I recently wrote a book called the Toxic Workplace Survival Guide (you can get the ebook version here on our website or you can get the paperback version on Amazon).

The book draws on my own experiences and the latest scientific research and is designed to help anyone struggling in a toxic workplace to identify and avoid stress, build resilience, and create an action plan that helps you figure out if it's time to bail out or if you can reduce your stress levels enough to stay.

People who read it are able to confidently move forward with a plan of action and start thriving in their careers today.

PACED Leadership

Are You Ready to Change the Way You Think About Leadership?

Wondering why leadership and workplace culture are so important and how you can create a positive culture on your team?
Dr. Sara Baker, founder of the Leadership Reformation, explains it all in this engaging course.


It all starts with purpose. When the team knows the “why” behind what they are doing, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to the work.


Accountability doesn’t mean micromanaging, but it does mean setting expectations and holding people accountable to meet those expectations. This also means holding yourself accountable.


A leader needs to be courageous, vulnerable and lead from the heart. You must be willing to have difficult conversations, make tough decisions and stand up for what’s right – even when it’s not popular.


A leader must empower their team to do their best work. Give them the authority to make decisions, take on new challenges and let them know that their opinion matters.


A leader must be committed to the development of their team. Provide opportunities for growth, offer feedback and coaching, and invest in their development.

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What We Believe


To reform means to change. If you aren't satisfied with the status quo & the "way we've always done things" then you have found your tribe!


Create a positive, high-performing team and workplace by implementing practical, intentional actions into your every day leadership.

Next Level

Build on your existing positive leadership practices and take your leadership to the next level to begin seeing results immediately.

No Excuses

If you are interested in becoming the BEST leader you can possibly be, then the Leadership Reformation is the place for you.


It is never too late to begin making intentional, focused changes in your leadership behaviors in order to be your best & help your team thrive.

Toxic Workplace Survival Guide

How to Stop Stress and Change Your Life

Are you struggling with a toxic work environment? Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? The Toxic Workplace Survival Guide is here to help! This handy self-help book provides simple tips and techniques for managing stress and helping you find peace so you can live your best life.

With advice on everything from setting boundaries to dealing with difficult coworkers, the Toxic Workplace Survival Guide will help you move past toxicity and into peaceful serenity.

You'll learn 15 tools to help you deal with difficult situations, plus use the reflection journal questions to create your very own personalized action plan, track your progress and keep tabs on your stress levels.

So don't wait any longer - get started on the road to workplace sanity and balance for your life!

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Toxic Workplace Survival Guide Book