Who is the Leadership Reformation?

And Why Should I Care?

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What is the Leadership Reformation?


To reform means to change. If you aren't satisfied with the status quo & the "way we've always done things" then you have found your tribe!


Create a positive, high-performing team and workplace by implementing practical, daily leadership actions.

Next Level

Build on your existing positive leadership practices and take your leadership to the next level to begin seeing results immediately.


If you are interested in becoming the BEST leader you can possibly be, then the Leadership Reformation is for the place for you.


It is never too late to begin making intentional, focused changes in your leadership behaviors in order to be your best & help your team thrive.

Who is the Leadership Reformation?

Sara Head Shot Oct 2019

Hi, I'm Sara, the founder of the Leadership Reformation.

Like you, being an effective leader has always been a priority for me and for almost twenty years I have coached other leaders in addressing their fears of not measuring up, helping them identify what actions produce results, and watched them blossom into positive, high-performing leaders.

I started the Leadership Reformation to provide high-quality leadership development resources for those who are interested in improving the effectiveness of their leadership (and finding peace and serenity as well). I also create female-focused leadership resources to help women overcome the barriers we often experience as strong leaders.

My Story

I was the first in my family to go to college, ending up with three degrees:  Bachelors in Chemistry, Masters in Ed Leadership, and a Doctorate in Ed Leadership.

Leadership isn't easy, but over the years I worked through the challenges and saw positive results with my teams. My passion became helping others become leaders, so that life-changing opportunities were opened up for others, especially women, in the workplace as well.

I served as a campus Principal at the age of 26 and continued to promote up into leadership positions with larger teams. As a Director at a for-profit company, I led a multi-tiered team of over 300 people, and eventually served as a Vice President for a non-profit. To feed my love of teaching, I also had a side gig as a professor in school leadership.

After sixteen years of leadership experience, I launched my own company to help other women learn how to become highly effective leaders.

The female leadership journey is unique.

We require not only strong team leadership skills, but also personal survival skills to stay afloat and excel in a world that isn't always welcoming to female leaders.

So, that's my story and it's why I'm here building a modern, female-focused, leadership development program that's affordable, practical and doesn't waste time on things that don't matter.

I'm here to help you learn how to focus your valuable time on what matters most in leadership, all while helping you maintain a healthy mindset and keep growing your personal strength.

You can do this. You are strong and capable. You are kicka$$. Don't you ever let anyone tell you any differently.

Women in Leadership Leadership Development Online Course

We become BETTER leaders simply by MAKING CHANGES in critical areas.

It really is as simple as that.

Become the force for positive influence in the workplace that you always knew you could be.

Reinvent your leadership.

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source:  https://news.gallup.com/topic/employee_engagement.aspx