Who Is The Leadership Reformation? 

We provide transformative leadership courses and free resources to give leaders like you the support you need to be your best.

What We Believe


To reform means to change. If you aren't satisfied with the status quo & the "way we've always done things" then you have found your tribe!


Create a positive, high-performing team and workplace by implementing practical, daily leadership actions.

Next Level

Build on your existing positive leadership practices and take your leadership to the next level to begin seeing results immediately.


If you are interested in becoming the BEST leader you can possibly be, then the Leadership Reformation is the place for you.


It is never too late to begin making intentional, focused changes in your leadership behaviors in order to be your best & help your team thrive.

I'm Here to Help You Grow As a Leader

Sara Baker Headshot

Welcome to the Leadership Reformation! I'm Sara, founder of this project. For years now, my focus has been on how people become effective leaders and what it takes to be a true leader with positive results and high-performance. The motto for our resource is "Leadership from within." We're here because we believe that leadership starts from looking inward before outward in order to create authentic change: both personal and professional growth.

When I started the Leadership Reformation, my goal was to help those who are dedicated to improving their leadership skills. Part of this mission is providing high-quality courses for people looking to learn more about what makes a good leader and how they can find peace in stressful situations. Along with these courses, we also want women—who often face unique challenges as leaders--to have access to our female-focused resources that helps them overcome barriers like imposter syndrome or building confidence when taking over new roles within an organization.