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Understanding Motivation

What motivates people to work harder and achieve more? What is the difference in an unengaged worker who is just showing up and an engaged worker who is knocking the top out of every project? Turns out there is more to it than just how individuals are "wired," it's also driven by how well leaders actually lead.

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The 5 Breakthrough Strategies

Take your leadership to the next level by focusing on the five most important actions of a leader.

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The Elite Five Powerful Action Steps – Leadership Plan

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What Do Former Students Say?

Comments are from anonymous course rating surveys for online college courses taught by Dr. Baker

"I was impressed with her feedback and knowledge of the material. She was very caring."

"There is so much material in this course and she did an excellent job breaking it into manageable chunks to help me stay focused and not get overwhelmed."

"Dr. Baker is incredibly positive and encouraging, always willing to help and answer questions. I felt she was an actual person who cared about making sure I had all the information I needed to be successful in this course."

"I am currently enrolled in my first two courses and the experience was great. I am looking forward to my next courses and am no longer intimidated by Educational Law."