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Low employee engagement rears its head in many ugly ways:  lost profits, high turnover, poor customer service, and faulty products. Expectations of leaders and managers in the workplace are changing as workers begin to ask for higher levels of fulfillment from their jobs. A paycheck is no longer enough, employees ...
Fear of failure in leadership is one of the greatest impediments to making decisions. Fear of failure can cause you to postpone or even worse, delegate, important decisions. In today’s quickly moving world, sluggishness in decision making can cause a business to miss or lose incredible opportunities. Time waits for ...
Bad bosses plague our workplaces. By the looks of the articles, posts and books being published, it isn't getting any better. If anything, it's getting worse. Maybe we should do something to change that. After all, there is no sense in complaining if we aren't willing to find a solution ...
Words have meaning. Of course they do. Every word that falls from our lips is full of meaning that reverberates through the air, bouncing off ears, hearts and egos in sometimes unimagined ways. The power of a leader’s language can make or break a team. Whether they are chosen words ...
The truth of leadership can be shockingly different from what we anticipate before we become leaders.  The lies of leadership may not be recognizable at first glance, but once you are in the fire, they become glaringly evident. Before you become a leader, it all seems so easy - you ...
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