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Finding Purpose in Work Leadership Development Engaged Employees Online eCourse

Motivate & Engage Your Team with Your New Cutting-Edge Leadership Skill: Finding Purpose in Work

What if you could engage and motivate your team in a way that made them love coming to work and making good things happen?

Well, the Truth Is... You Can!

Does Any of This Describe You?

You try your best to implement every motivational strategy you possible can, but your team just doesn't respond the way that you had hoped. There isn't enough time in the day to try every strategy you read about and you wish you had something that was a sure-fire way to motivate your team.

Although your team may get along well, you don't see the level of synergy and connectedness that you know is possible. You find yourself wondering if it's something you are doing wrong.

You're tired of wasting time trying to find the magic carrot that will make your team value their work and give their discretionary effort instead of their bare minimum.

You want to be a good leader that helps your team enjoy work AND be successful, but you've tried so many approaches that haven't yielded the results you want. You just don't think another pot-luck lunch, employee recognition program or ice cream social is going to REALLY motivate and engage your people.

Did You Nod Your Head in Agreement with Any (or all) of the Above? Perfect!

You are in the right place, at the right time.

You Want to Know Something Funny?

Okay, it's really not funny, but... We often keep doing the same things, over and over, and then act surprised when we keep getting the same results. If you want to see changes in the engagement level of your team, then you need to do something different. You need to figure out how to ENGAGE your people by helping them find their PURPOSE in work.

Pause for Just a Second and Imagine a Workplace Where...

You can SEE the positive synergy flowing through your team...

Your team works so well together, feeding off of each other's creative solutions, that you can't help but smile to see them in action.

Your team is so in sync...

They help each other out without being asked and gladly support each other when deadlines loom.

Your team enjoys giving 100%...

They show up, do their job with gusto, and leave at the end of the day knowing they've done a good day's work that is important to the world.

You thoroughly enjoy leading your team...

You and your engaged team are rocking and rolling, meeting goals, problem-solving, and innovating. This is why you became a leader!

Doesn't that sound fabulous?

What Exactly Will You Get Out of the Course?

Device Pic of Course for Sales Page(2)

Finding Purpose in Work is my step-by-step course where I’ll teach you my highly effective approach to identifying the meaningful purpose in every day work, so you can see quick results in the quality and quantity of work your team produces, which means, that's right, increased engagement levels.

Help your team make the shift from #IHateWork to #MakingGoodThingsHappen and discover the strategies that will change how your team feels about the meaningfulness of their work.

And Even Better...

I will show you how to identify and articulate the bigger purpose of your organization, your individual leadership, and your team members.

We aren't just writing vision statements to hang on a wall, we're focusing on the process and actions that will have your team loving their work.

Leadership Team Engaged Employees Leaders Online Course Leadership Development

You Will Learn

  • Why knowing the purpose of our work motivates us and fulfills an important need

  • How to identify the true purpose of your organization

  • How to focus on the multiple purposes of your leadership to increase your positive impact as a leader

  • How to motivate your team to perform by linking their daily tasks with the contribution to the greater good

  • How to maximize your leadership strengths

This is the SAME APPROACH I used to motivate my teams.

  • Using this methodology, I saw my teams transform from begrudgingly giving minimal effort to excitedly showing up and giving their best.
  • Transitioned from "why do we have to do this" grousing to "I've got a new idea that I think will make this better!" 
  • Changed from grudgingly doing what had to be done, to creating new solutions to make our work even better.
  • All because they truly understood and believed in how their work (and our work as a collective) helped to make things better for other people.

Before I figured out how to tap in to the power of PURPOSE, I struggled trying to motivate my team.

  • How could I get my people as excited about work as I was?

By nature, I'm a positive person who looks for the upside and I am driven to take actions that I think will help people.

I believe we have the power to improve the world around us (even if only in small ways) and making good things happen leads to even more good things happening.

Imagine my shock when I became a leader and discovered that everyone wasn't wired that way!

People felt like there was no reason to try new things or to make improvements, because, ultimately, they felt that what they were doing every day DIDN'T MATTER.

So, I went searching for answers...

  • For years, I tried idea after idea but only saw small gains.

    We even wrote carefully worded vision and mission statements, but it wasn't enough. We needed more than just a statement on the wall.

  • I wanted them to see their work as more than just a paycheck.

    I longed for my team to know in their deepest hearts the real "why" that made all the hard work worth it

  • I knew that the work they were doing was important.

    But they didn't and their perception of their contribution was what mattered most.

  • Nothing moved the needle UNTIL I started focusing on the "why" behind our every day work.


when I realized people felt HOPELESS and UNIMPORTANT at work.

And I KNEW I had to do something to change that.

My team, who was capable of SO much, was stalled out because they didn't think that anything they did made any difference.

With this realization, I transitioned from
leading people to "do things"
and began
leading people to "make a difference."

Sara Headshot(1)
Leadership Finding Purpose Engaging Employees Leadership Development

And that is when I figured out...

Leadership Finding Purpose Engaging Employees Leadership Development

how to help my team find the purpose in what we were doing

AND I used the same process with all of my future teams with positive results every time.

I helped them see what I could see:
that their work made the world a better place.

And THAT made ALL the difference!

Everybody wants to know that they aren't wasting their life and that WHAT THEY DO every day for the majority of their waking hours has PURPOSE and meaning.

You Can Transform Your Team, Too

Finding Purpose in Work Leadership Development Online eCourse Leadership Reformation

To help other leaders find the success I found in motivating and engaging my teams, I created this course and mapped out how I identified and articulated the real purpose behind our work for my teams.

This course has the exact steps that I went through to help my people find the purpose and meaning in their work.

To be clear, the steps aren't magic.

But they are a series of intentional, hyper-focused actions and analysis that will help you find the real purpose and meaning of the work your team does every day.

What is Included?

Finding Purpose in Work Leadership Development Online eCourse Leadership Reformation

Seven Video Training Modules

You'll learn my entire process for engaging teams by helping them understand and embrace how their work makes the world a better place. This is an actionable, step-by-step process to engage teams that you will be able to implement immediately and in every leadership position you hold in the years to come.

Finding Purpose in Work Leadership Development Online eCourse Leadership Reformation

14 Page Course Workbook

The 14 Page Course Workbook will help you apply what you are learning to your organization, your personal leadership and your team members.

Finding Purpose in Work Leadership Development Online eCourse Leadership Reformation

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to the course so that you can refer back to it at any time. You will also receive free updates any time that I update material within the course.

Finding Purpose In Work

Designed with you in mind!

The course is designed to accommodate the on-the-go busy leader (that's you!) who needs access whenever and wherever time allows. 

  • Learning takes place on your terms with on-demand videos and personalized workbook activities to help you apply the learning to your organization, your leadership and your team.

  • Access the course on a desktop, tablet or mobile device at any time and anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Learn in the way that works best for you. You can choose to watch the videos (with captioning) OR read the video transcripts.

  • Get your questions about the course answered and share your thoughts in our LinkedIn Group specifically for this course.

What You'll Get

Through a combination of videos, optional written scripts, and workbook activities, you'll learn a framework for determining greater purpose and how to use that purpose to provide meaning for not only your team members, but for YOU as the leader, as well.


We'll jump in to the course with a quick instructor intro, some tips for success in the course, an overview of what we will be learning and how to sign up for our LinkedIn group.

Laying the Foundation for Finding Purpose

Why do our teams need to know the purpose behind their work? Can't we just use the vision of our organization? Shouldn't that be enough? We'll answer these questions and more!

Leadership Finding Purpose Engaging Employees Leadership Development
How to Identify Your Company's Desire to Make the World a Better Place

Identify EXACTLY what your organization's bigger purpose is, even if your organization seems to have no clue what is.

BONUS: 15 Leadership Questions to Ask Yourself

Take a leadership quiz and get your personalized results to help you identify some of your leadership strengths.

Let's Talk About YOUR Purpose as the Leader

Find out the three purposes of a leader and what they mean for your leadership practice.  You'll explore exactly what YOUR purpose is.

BONUS: How to Overcome a Goal Alignment Problem

Find out what to do if your team's goals don't align with your organization's goals.


The Final Stretch - The 3 Steps to Make Connections for Your Team

Make connections for each of your team members and define clearly and concisely WHY the work your team completes every day is so MEANINGFUL.

Time to Implement

You are ready to take what you learned and apply it to your leadership of your team. Implement what you learned and start seeing results today!

Need ideas on how to present the benefits of this course to your boss or HR department? Here are the facts...

  • Current research shows that lack of purpose in the workplace is a MAJOR reason for lack of effort by employees. Wouldn't it be better if your team was giving their full effort?
  • The cost for this online course is MUCH less than it would be if it was presented in-person because there is no cost for facilities or travel.
  • In comparison, the learning that occurs in this course is the equivalent of a three to four day in-person workshop.
  • When you complete the course, you will receive a completion certificate for your records.
  • Consider including this course in your annual development plan as a resource to help you continue to grow your leadership skills.
What Are the Course Materials Like?

The course modules have a variety of material types so that you can learn in the way that works best for you.

  • A few of the modules begin with talking head (that's a video of me talking) intro videos.

  • The majority of the videos contain animated slide deck graphics with voice-over to help provide you with strong visual cues for learning and storing the new information.

  • If you prefer to read the content, then you can read the scripts that are provided for each video.

  • A custom workbook is provided to go along with the three major modules (purpose for the organization, for you, and for your team) so that you can apply each concept to your work situation.

  • You will also have access to a private LinkedIn group so that you can easily message me with any questions you have during the course.

About Sara Baker, Course Creator

My leadership journey started in 2003 when I began leading a team of 14 staff members. It was a painful beginning despite my formal leadership training (Masters degree in leadership followed by a Doctorate in leadership in 2009).  Fast forward 15 years to leading a multi-level team of 330+ staff members and loving it.  The difference?  Everything I learned in all those years 🙂

As I learned how to lead over the years, I realized that leadership isn't about your personality and it isn't even about your leadership style. Leadership is defined by the actions that you take (or don't take) on a daily basis. Good leaders take positive, intentional actions. Bad leaders either drift day-by-day or they take action based on ego and personal gain.

Over my 15+ years in leadership, I found my greatest joy in helping other leaders develop and grow their leadership practice, by guiding them in reflecting on their leadership and incorporating the positive, intentional actions that make all the difference in successful leadership.

I love leading teams and I love helping leaders be successful in leading their teams.

Leadership is tough, but it is worthwhile and it can be done well. I created this course to help make the leadership journey easier for others, like you. It is the course that I wish someone had created for me.

Sara Headshot

Sara Baker, Ed.D.

Founder of the Leadership Reformation
Leadership Finding Purpose Engaging Employees Leadership Development


Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions below

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Absolutely!  Just email me within 14 days of purchasing the course for a full refund.

Can I take this class if I'm not a leader yet, but I am planning on getting a role in leadership?

Yes, even if you haven't started your first leadership role you will still be able to learn the process and apply it to your future teams.

I've been a leader for a lot of years, is it too late for me to start using this strategy?

No way! There is no such thing as too late when you are talking about helping your team find meaning and purpose in their work. You can use this process to help motivate and engage your team, just believe in yourself and make it happen!

How did you come up with this approach and why are you sure it will work?

I began serving as a leader when I was 26 years old (wow! that was 15+ years ago, the years do fly by) and it was in serving that first team of 14 people that I realized we had a motivation issue that stemmed from lack of meaningful purpose. It took me a few years to nail down the system that I am sharing with you, but that was because I put in the time to test and retest what worked and what didn't. I used this methodology in leading a multi-level organization of 300+ people with fantastic results, so I know it works. I created this course so that you can save yourself those years of trials and jump right into leading an engaged team!

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course consists of 5 weeks of modules and each module contains between 45 mins to 1.5 hrs of video content plus the workbook to walk you through the process. Depending on how quickly you work, the course will likely take you between 2-5 hours per week. You can do the entire week's activities in one sitting, or you can spread them out over the week if you prefer. New material is released every week to help make sure you work through the process in the correct order, to help keep you on-track and to present the material in manageable chunks.

What if I need help with the course?

If you need help with the course material, you can always ask me questions in the private LinkedIn group that I created just for this course. I am here to help make sure you understand the process and how to apply it to your leadership practice!

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