Leadership Coaching for Women

Leadership Coaching for Women

I help leaders and managers navigate challenges and stress in the workplace to find peace and live their best lives.

Hi, I'm Sara!

I provide leadership coaching for women to grow and develop their personal leadership brand, deal with the challenges of being a woman in leadership and sharpen their leadership skills.

In addition to providing 1:1 coaching support, I also teach groups of leaders in live online courses and in on-demand courses.

Coaching sessions are like having a conversation with a friend, except it isn't just venting.

With focused searching, you can get clarity on how to deal with the specific challenges that are slowing you down and provide you a clear path to an enjoyable and less stressed future where you are your authentic self and a strong leader of people.

Dr Sara Baker(15)

Sara J. Baker, Ed.D.

Who is coaching For?

You supervise others and you are tired of not being able to enjoy your time at work and away from work.

You know you can have a positive impact, you just don't feel like you are making the best of it.

You want to feel more confident and have a better work/life balance but you don't know where to start.

What Are the Benefits of Leadership Coaching?


More confidence in your abilities as a leader


A greater sense of work/life balance


More enjoyment in your job and away from your job


Improved relationships with your team members

What is Included in Leadership Coaching?

A focus on your unique strengths, values and goals

Identifying and breaking through blocks that are holding you back

Using my proven process, tools and techniques to help you be more effective in your role

Support in creating and implementing a plan to make the changes you want to see happen

What Qualifies Me to Be a Leadership Coach?

Great question 🙂

  • I'm the founder of the Leadership Reformation and a leadership coach, author and educator.
  • I've helped thousands of people find clarity on their path and grow their leadership skills over my 20+ year career.
  • I have a couple of degrees in leadership, have taught graduate level leadership courses and have led teams as large as 330+ people in a multi-tiered international organization.
  • I've served in leadership roles in the non-profit, for-profit and public sectors. I've also recently written a book to help people who work in toxic workplaces reduce their stress and figure out whether to stay or leave.
  • All of my experiences and training have led me to serving others, like you, move in the right direction, become the leader you are ready to be and find a peaceful balance in the chaos around us.
  • I understand the unique challenges and obstacles you face and I am here to help you to develop the skills and confidence you need to overcome these challenges and achieve success in your career.

If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level, choose one of the packages below to sign up today!

Leadership Coaching Packages

Silver Package

$ 1240 for 4 weekly sessions
  • 4 Weekly Sessions
  • Sessions are 1 hour long each
  • Save $80 Off Regular Price
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Gold Package

$ 2300 for 8 weekly sessions
  • 8 Weekly Sessions
  • Sessions are 1 hour long each
  • Save $340 off Regular Price

Platinum Package

$ 3300 for 12 weekly sessions
  • 12 Weekly Sessions
  • Sessions are 1 hour long each
  • Save $660 off Regular Price

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