Leadership Coaching for Women

Leadership Coaching for Women

I help leaders and managers navigate challenges and stress in the workplace to find peace and live their best lives.

Hey, I'm Sara!

Dr. Sara Baker, author and leadership coach

Sara J. Baker, Ed.D.

In addition to teaching groups of leaders in live online courses and in on-demand courses, I also provide 1:1 coaching support.

Coaching sessions are like having a conversation with a friend, except it isn't just venting.

With focused searching, you can get clarity on how to deal with the specific challenges that are slowing you down and provide you a clear path to an enjoyable and less stressed future where you are your authentic self and a strong leader of people.

I'm the founder of the Leadership Reformation and a leadership coach, author and educator.

I've helped thousands of people find clarity on their path and grow their leadership skills over my 20+ year career. I have a couple of degrees in leadership, have taught graduate level leadership courses and have led teams as large as 330+ people in a multi-tiered international organization.

I've served in leadership roles in the non-profit, for-profit and public sectors. I've also recently written a book to help people who work in toxic workplaces reduce their stress and figure out whether to stay or leave.

All of my experiences and training have led me to serving others, like you, move in the right direction, become the leader you are ready to be and find a peaceful balance in the chaos around us.

PACED Leadership

Are You Ready to Change the Way You Think About Leadership?

Looking to create a positive and healthy workplace and take your leadership to the next level? You are in the perfect place!

This online accelerated leadership course helps leaders at every level understand how their work makes a difference. Learn how to create an environment where people feel safe, supported, motivated, and inspired as we guide you through creating your own action plan for success. Analyze your current performance and set goals for accountability, coaching, empowerment, setting purpose and vision and exhibiting courage in your leadership.


It all starts with purpose. When the team knows the “why” behind what they are doing, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to the work.


Accountability doesn’t mean micromanaging, but it does mean setting expectations and holding people accountable to meet those expectations. This also means holding yourself accountable.


A leader needs to be courageous, vulnerable and lead from the heart. You must be willing to have difficult conversations, make tough decisions and stand up for what’s right – even when it’s not popular.


A leader must empower their team to do their best work. Give them the authority to make decisions, take on new challenges and let them know that their opinion matters.


A leader must be committed to the development of their team. Provide opportunities for growth, offer feedback and coaching, and invest in their development.

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