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Hi, I'm Sara!

Step into a realm of transformation and empowerment designed exclusively for leaders like you. I'm Sara, your leadership coach, here to support and elevate women on their professional journeys. If you're aspiring to excel in your leadership role and find fulfillment in your career, you're in the right place.

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Dr. Sara Baker

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Coaching is ideal for you if...

You're grappling with leadership challenges that affect your team's performance and your own job satisfaction.

You aspire to advance in your career but are unsure about the strategies and skills required to reach your goals.

Balancing your professional and personal life feels like an ongoing struggle, and you're seeking effective strategies to harmonize both.

The Transformative Effects of Coaching

Coaching develops your leadership skills, but it also helps about a profound shift in your life. Embrace the emotional and tangible changes that coaching can ignite.

Unshakeable Confidence

Experience a newfound self-assuredness that empowers you to take on challenges with unwavering belief in your abilities. Coaching helps you conquer self-doubt and step into your leadership potential with confidence.

Harmonious Balance

Achieve a sense of equilibrium in your life that allows you to excel both professionally and personally. Coaching guides you in finding the elusive balance that nurtures your well-being and harmonizes your priorities.

Fulfilling Relationships

Strengthen the connections you hold dear, both at work and in your personal life. Coaching enhances your interpersonal skills, fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships with colleagues, friends, and family.

What to Expect in a Coaching Session

Our coaching journey begins with your first session, where our primary focus is getting to know each other. This initial meeting is designed to ensure that we are a good fit and to understand your unique goals, needs, and aspirations.

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Personal Connection

We'll establish a personal connection to build trust and rapport. It's important that you feel comfortable sharing your challenges and aspirations.

Setting Goals with an Online Leadership Coach

Goal Exploration

We'll talk through your leadership goals and ambitions. This is an opportunity for you to articulate your short-term and long-term objectives.

Understanding Needs with an Online Leadership Coach

Needs Assessment

I'll carefully listen to your needs and challenges and ask questions to guide in understanding your pain points. Fully grasping the areas where you seek growth is crucial to tailoring our coaching plan.

Coaching Plan with an Online Leadership Coach

Coaching Plan

Based on our discussion, we'll outline a coaching plan that aligns with your goals and needs. This plan will serve as our roadmap for future sessions and provide an actionable step for you to begin implementing immediately.

By the end of this first session, you'll not only have a clearer understanding of how coaching can support your leadership journey but also feel supported, uplifted, and ready to embark on this transformative experience.

Our coaching sessions are designed to empower you, provide guidance, and equip you with the tools and insights needed to excel in your leadership role. I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Navigating Complex Leadership

With over two decades dedicated to improving leaders, I've walked the path of leadership myself. My leadership journey began at the age of 26 in the public sector, and by 35, I had risen to the position of Director in an international for-profit corporation and was responsible for leading a multi-tiered team of 300+. By the age of 40, I attained a VP role in a corporate non-profit setting.

My academic background includes a leadership doctorate degree, teaching leadership courses at the graduate level, and leading large teams across diverse sectors. This multi-sector expertise provides me with a unique perspective to guide you on your leadership journey. I'm not just an educator; I'm a practitioner.

I'm also an author and mentor, having authored a book to help individuals navigate toxic workplaces and am passionate about mentorship and support. My commitment to leadership excellence led to founding The Leadership Reformation.

My innate passion for education, combined with my firsthand experience in surmounting leadership challenges, uniquely qualifies me to guide you in developing the skills and confidence essential for achieving career success. Explore our coaching packages below to start your journey toward elevated leadership today.

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Dr. Sara Baker

Leadership Coaching Packages

Choose the plan that works best for you and schedule your first session. When we meet for our first session, we will plan out the schedule for the rest of the sessions.

Introductory Package

$ 249 for 1 session
  • 1 Session
  • Session is 60 minutes long

Premium Package

$ 799 for 4 weekly sessions
  • 4 Weekly Sessions
  • Sessions are 60 minutes long
Best Value!

Elite Package

$ 1499 for 8 weekly sessions
  • 8 Weekly Sessions
  • Sessions are 60 minutes long
  • Save $100 off Regular Price