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Transform Your Leadership in 5 Days

Transform Your Leadership in 5 Days

Get Our Action-Packed, Powerful Framework to Change How You Lead
and Maximize Your Team's Performance


This is Your Chance to Take Control of Your Leadership Journey


Feeling overwhelmed with leading your team?

Struggling to find time to focus on what's important?

Constantly putting out fires and don't have time for a break?

Unsure how to take care of yourself and your team?

If so, then you are in the right place! We created the PACED Leadership model to cut out the BS and get right to what really matters in leadership.

Based on the latest research in positive psychology and organizational development, PACED is a well-rounded strategy that leads to higher morale, increased employee engagement, and better achievement of team goals.

5 Strategies to Transform Your Leadership

With our PACED framework, you'll learn how to manage the day to day stresses of leadership with calmness and confidence. You'll learn how to stop wasting time on things that don't produce results and, instead, create daily habits that will transform your leadership and your team.

PACED Leadership Model
  • PACED leadership courses will teach you everything you need to know about being a great leader
  • Learn at your own pace and get mastery over communication, motivation, mindset and more
  • Get access to two masterclasses on top of four 20-minute courses
  • Create your personalized leadership plan and become the best leader possible

Here's what you can expect when you use the PACED leadership framework

Purpose: A sense of meaning and purpose is essential for motivation and job satisfaction. As a PACED leader, you will know how to help your teams find purpose in their work and feel connected to the larger mission.

Accountability: As a PACED leader, you will know how to hold yourself and your team members accountable for results. This creates a culture of trust and mutual respect.

Courage: As a PACED leader, you will show courage by taking calculated risks and making tough decisions, even when it means stepping out of your comfort zone. You will be brave and show courage which leads to innovation and growth.

Empowerment: As a PACED leader, you will empower your team members to take ownership of their work and make decisions. This leads to greater engagement and a sense of personal responsibility for results.

Development: As a PACED leader, you will invest in the development of your team members, providing opportunities for growth and learning. This helps to build a stronger, more capable team that is prepared to meet challenges.

If you're ready to create a positive work culture and lead your team to success, then the PACED Leadership Model is for you! Enroll today and get started!


Leadership Development Made Simple (and Fast)

  • Take your leadership to the next level
  • Get started quickly and learn at your own pace
  • Tailor your learning to fit your specific needs
  • Take advantage of expert insights, tips and advice

Our courses are an affordable, on-demand leadership development program that includes 4 hours of video, plus reflections and developing your very own personalized printable leadership plan.

Woman who wants to be the best leader she can be viewing the online leadership courses

The PACED Leadership Model is the best strategy to lead a modern workplace to recover from the Great Resignation because it is proven to work.

PACED Leadership All Access Pass

The PACED strategy improves toxic workplaces and removes toxicity on teams.

PACED is a well-rounded leadership strategy that results in higher morale, increased employee engagement, and better achievement of team goals.

Register today to learn more about how PACED can help you create a positive work culture and lead your team to success!

Create a 30 Day PACED Leadership Plan

Personalized PACED Leadership Plan

PACED Leadership is about creating daily habits in the five areas that matter most when leading teams.

Once you learn the five areas, you'll be ready to create your 30 day PACED leadership plan so you can begin to see positive results. This is your PERSONALIZED plan to help you and your team not only hit your goals, but also actually enjoy working together.

Imagine what you can accomplish with a 30 day focus on achievable leadership actions! You'll be a leader with new habits that get results and an engaged team.

About the Instructor

Dr. Sara Baker, Founder of the Leadership Reformation
Dr. Sara Baker, Founder of the Leadership Reformation

If you are looking for a dry, boring leadership course taught by some stuffed-shirt, you'll need to keep looking (I can recommend a few, seriously). But THIS isn't it.

Hi, I'm Sara and I am so glad you got this far.

Because the real truth is that far, far too many workplaces are toxic and it sucks to be a manager who is trying to enjoy your work, create a positive, high-performing team while putting up with toxic BS.

I've been there. I went from being a struggling, disillusioned new manager to a thriving, no-tolerance-for-toxicity leader who loved leading my loyal, positive, get-sh!t-done team.

And I want to share my method for making this transformation happen with as many people as I can.

And if you are still reading this, then I know that means you are ready to make that leap and turn things around.

The Fascinating History 😀

My official, uptight name is Dr. Sara Baker and I'm the author of "Toxic Workplace Survival Guide: How to Stop Stress and Change Your Life."

In case you're judgy and wondering how I could be old enough to coach leaders, let me reassure you...

I promise you I've put my time in, although it's likely I've been carded in the last week buying a bottle of wine, (these kids have no idea how to gauge age but I'm old enough to be flattered when they ask, so win-win).

I have 15+ years leading in private and public organizations. I've led teams as small as 14 and as large as 330, in a multi-tiered for-profit company.

I started leading when I was 26 years old and it took no time at all to realize that my idealistic view of leadership was nothing like the reality of leading. Fast forward a few years and I learned how to strengthen my armor and focus my time so that I could shield myself and my team from the toxicity in the work environment around us.

I'm the kind of leader who doesn't back down, so I've butted heads a time or two against higher-ups. But more about that later.

Join Me Now to Build the Future

Now, I blog and create online courses to help folks who are interested in being POSITIVE leaders be the best they can be.

Toxic work environments are everywhere and I am through keeping quiet and hiding the secrets.

My PACED leadership approach gets rid of toxic cultures and toxic behaviors on teams and helps leaders be awesome, i.e. a leader who doesn't suck.

You ready to go? Promise it won't suck (and there's a 7 day refund guarantee if you think it does).

What's Included?

The All Access Pass includes four 20-minute mastery courses and two MasterClasses to empower you in your leadership journey.

  • Six essential modules

    We've combined the PACED framework into six essential modules that will walk you through accelerated lessons that are focused on practical implementation and how YOU will implement each new idea you learn along the way.

  • Practical Tools that You can Use Immediately

    Use the tools inside the courses right away to start seeing results.

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We are so confident that you will be ready to put the PACED framework in action, that we've made the All Access Pass risk-free. Try it and if you don't like it within 7 days, just send an email and we'll give you a 97% refund (minus the 3% fee for payment processing).

  • Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device

    You can access the modules anywhere you have Internet access. Watch, listen or read the lessons whenever works for you and your schedule.

  • A 30-Day PACED Leadership Plan

    This personalized leadership plan will take everything you have learned and help you create specific, actionable goals to implement immediately.

Get access to courses worth over $500+ in our all-access course bundle!

What Clients Say

"She did an excellent job breaking the course material into manageable chunks to help me stay focused and not get overwhelmed."

"Dr. Baker is incredibly positive and encouraging, always willing to help and answer questions. I felt she was an actual person who cared about making sure I had all the information I needed to be successful."

"I am currently enrolled in my first two courses and the experience has been great. I am now looking forward to my role as a leader and am no longer intimidated."

"I was impressed with her feedback and knowledge of the material. She was very caring."

Questions About the Program?

Yes, even if you haven't started your first leadership role you will absolutely be able to apply what you learn to your personal growth and how you lead your future teams!

Even if you haven't begun your first leadership role, you still have influence on those around you, coworkers, friends, and family. Our PACED framework will help you improve your communication and your understanding of how to motivate and help others be successful (and, in turn, increase your level of success).

The fastest way to getting promoted is to show an understanding of what it takes to be a good leader. This courses teaches the five game-changing actions that you need to be a successful leader.

Absolutely not. There is no such thing as too late when you are talking about empowering your team and focusing your leadership actions in areas that will have a high ROI. You can apply what you learn in this program to help motivate and engage your team, just believe in yourself and make it happen!

The PACED framework that all of our courses are built around is based on the latest research surrounding leadership, motivation and engagement. Our customers have experienced transformation in their leadership approach by implementing the strategies in these courses.

I began serving as a leader when I was 26 years old (wow! that was 20 years ago, the years do fly by) and it was in serving that first team of 14 people that I realized many of them were not engaged and motivated to perform their best, even if they were very talented.

It took me years to nail down the leadership actions that I am sharing with you, but that was because I put in the time to research and test the practical application of the best leadership theories and approaches.

During those years, I also earned advanced degrees in leadership, so the material in these courses are backed by all the different leadership theories and recommendations, BUT I cut through all those hours and years of philosophy to get quickly to the KEY actions that matter the most.

I used this leadership methodology in leading a multi-level organization of 300+ people with fantastic results, so I know it works. If you know how to focus on these 5 key areas, every day and put them at the center of your work with your team, you will see positive results and become the leader that everyone else wants to be.

Just give me 20 minutes (or a few hours for the entire program) and you can save yourself those years of trials and jump right into leading an engaged team!

The leadership programs are designed so that you can either complete a program in one setting on your day off or easily break it up over many days, depending on how much time you have to spend.

Most of our students complete the entire program including video, audio, text, and reflection guide material within 4- 8 hours depending on how much time they spend on the reflection modules.

The courses include a mix of video, audio, and written text. Reflection questions and worksheets are also included so you can APPLY what you learn to your personal leadership.

Everything is written in easy to understand, plain language and is focused on the PRACTICAL side of leading a team.

If you are ready to level up your leadership (for a bargain price!) then this is the program for you.

If you need help with the course material, you can always ask me questions in the LinkedIn group, Facebook group, or via email at

I am here to help make sure you have the support you need to apply what you learn to your leadership practice!

Absolutely! Just email me within 7 days of purchasing the course for a full refund.

If you don't feel like your view of managing your team is different after taking one of my courses, then send me an email and I will be happy to refund your money (minus the 2%-3% processing fee taken out by the payment processing companies).

Life-changing tools and strategies for becoming the leader you want to be.

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You're a leader, but are you a great leader? With our All Access Pass, you can become one. Our collection of on-demand leadership courses offers everything you need to grow as a leader and build powerful teams. Plus, we'll help you create a personalized leadership plan tailored to your specific goals. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!