Future-Proof Your Leadership

Learn how to lead Quiet Quitters, Great Resigners, and Purpose Seekers

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Sara Baker(3)
You Have Everything It Takes To Be A Leader In The Changing Workforce.

In 4 weeks, I'll guide you in embracing the future of work, opening your mind to a new way of leading and becoming a manager that everyone wants to work with.

You'll be ready to lead a generation of quiet quitters, great resigners and purpose seekers!


Live interactive sessions take place in February 2023.

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You Deserve to Thrive as a Leader, Not Just Survive

This course is based on real-world experiences to help you understand the changing culture of the workforce, connect and develop new ideas about leading through change to your existing leadership style and achieve the leadership influence you know you are meant to have.

Develop a Deep Understanding of the Changing Culture

Get Tools to Grow Your Mindset & Learn How to Lead in the Midst of Change with Ease

Achieve the Leadership Influence You Are Meant to Have

Future-Proof Your Leadership Masterclass

What's Included in the Course

4 Live Weekly Sessions

  • Live sessions with Q & A
  • Includes access to recorded videos and slides with answers to your burning questions

Real-World Examples

  • Understand trending workplace changes taken straight from today's headlines
  • Modern and futuristic ways to think about leadership and act as leaders

Time Saving Bonuses

  • Worksheets
  • Templates

Community Membership & Live Support

  • Weekly Live Supports Calls + Q&A
  • Members-Only LinkedIn Group
  • Extra Resources and Trainings
  • Lifetime Free Access
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Module 1: The Sky is Falling. Are You Ready?

The sky is falling! The pandemic has changed everything and the future of work is looking pretty bleak. But instead of panicking, it's time to take a step back and assess the situation. In this module, we'll help you do just that and walk away ready to move forward in the face of opportunities.

Module 1 is about understanding the psychology behind focusing on the worst and learning how to shift your mindset to focus on the positive and see the opportunities.


  • How to reframe your thinking to see opportunities
  • The power of positive psychology
  • Focusing on the worst: a self-fulfilling prophecy

Provided Tools

  • Changing Your Perspective Decision Points
  • The Psychology Behind the Workplace Shifts
  • What's In a Mindset? Understanding Differing Mindsets Diagram


  • A new perspective on the future of work
  • The power of focusing on the positive
  • The tools you need to change your thinking
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Module 2: Quiet Quitters, Great Resigners and Work-Life Balancers

The pandemic has changed the way we work, and many employees are rethinking their relationship with work. In this module, we'll help you understand the new workforce and what they're looking for in a job. We'll also discuss how to create a work culture that values people and balances their needs for work and life.

Module 2 is about understanding the shifts that have taken place in the post-pandemic workforce and adapting your perspective to embrace the changes.


  • The changing workforce landscape
  • What employees want from their leaders
  • How to adapt your leadership style

Provided Tools

  • Leadership Styles Guide
  • Create Your Leadership Profile
  • Changing Workforce Infographic


  • Understanding the shifts that have occurred in the workforce
  • Understanding what employees want from their leaders
  • How to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of the new workforce
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Module 3: How to Create a Future-Proofed Workplace Culture that Values People

Changes in the needs (and demands) of the post-pandemic workforce have forced many organizations to reevaluate their workplace culture. In this module, we'll discuss how to create a culture that values employees and helps them thrive. We'll also talk about the importance of communication and how to create a positive work environment.

Module 3 is about creating a workplace culture that values employees and treats them as partners in the success of the organization.


  • What is a future-proof workplace culture?
  • How values drive the workplace
  • How to create a culture that values people

Provided Tools

  • What's Missing in Your Workplace Culture Analysis
  • Communicating in Difficult Situations Cheat Sheet
  • Healthy Boundaries for the Workplace Guide


  • A clear understanding of what a future-proof workplace culture looks like
  • The importance of values in the workplace
  • How to create a culture that values people
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Module 4: The Rise of the Authentic Leader (That's You!)

The post-pandemic workplace is demanding more authenticity from leaders. In this module, we'll discuss what it means to be an authentic leader and how you can create a leadership style that is true to who you are. We'll also talk about the importance of communication and how to create a positive work environment.

Module 4 is about being a leader who cares about their team and listens to their needs. It's about giving honest feedback and providing opportunities for growth.


  • The importance of being an authentic leader
  • How to give honest feedback
  • The benefits of growth opportunities

Provided Tools

  • Defining Your Adaptive Leadership Style
  • Giving Feedback and Developing Others Checklist
  • Comparing Expectations, Reality and Future Plans for Your Leadership


  • The tools you need to be an authentic leader
  • How to give honest feedback
  • Why growth opportunities are important for leaders

In Your Future-Proofed Leadership, You Will...


Adapt your leadership style to the changing workforce and create a workplace culture that values employees.


Be an authentic leader who communicates effectively and creates positive work environments.


Create a workplace culture that values people and helps them thrive.


Be better equipped to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic workplace.

Questions About the Program?

Don't worry about it for a second. We will be recording the sessions and will make them available for you within a day after the live session.

Yes, even if you haven't started your first leadership role you will absolutely be able to apply what you learn to your personal growth and how you lead your future teams!

Even if you haven't begun your first leadership role, you still have influence on those around you, coworkers, friends, and family. Our future-proofing framework will help you improve your communication and understanding of how to motivate and help others be successful (and, in turn, increase your level of success).

The fastest way to getting promoted is to show an understanding of what it takes to be a good leader. This courses teaches how to develop a leadership style that thrives in the midst of change.

Absolutely not. There is no such thing as too late when you are talking about empowering your team and focusing your leadership actions in areas that will have a high ROI. You can apply what you learn in this program to help motivate and engage your team, just believe in yourself and make it happen!

The future-proofing framework that this program is built around is based on the latest research surrounding leadership and the quickly changing culture of our post-pandemic workforce. You'll develop a new mindset that helps you create a unique, authentic and future-proofed leadership approach by implementing the strategies in these courses.

I began serving as a leader when I was 26 years old (wow! that was 20 years ago, the years do fly by) and it was in serving that first team of 14 people that I realized many of them were not engaged and motivated to perform their best, even if they were very talented.

It took me years to nail down the leadership actions that I am sharing with you, but that was because I put in the time to research and test the practical application of the best leadership theories and approaches.

During those years, I also earned advanced degrees in leadership, so the material in these courses are backed by academic leadership theories and recommendations, BUT I cut through all those hours and years of philosophy to get quickly to the KEY actions and mindsets that matter the most.

I used this leadership methodology in leading a rapidly changing multi-level organization of 300+ people with fantastic results, so I know it works. If you know how to focus on these 5 key areas, every day and put them at the center of your work with your team, you will see positive results and become the leader that everyone else wants to be.

Just give me a few hours and you can save yourself those years of trials and jump right into leading an engaged team!

That's a pretty fabulous question and certainly fair.

Chances are you only know me from my blogs, my videos, my LinkedIn and maybe my book.

Even if we have never met in person, chances are that you are here because my perspective resonates with you.

Whether it's the challenges I discuss, my often light-hearted, don't take yourself too seriously vibe, or my in-your-face, let's stop the BS approach...

Something has resonated with you and you are ready to find a different way to look at leadership. The future is coming for us, whether we are ready or not.

If you are looking for your people, then, you've found us.

And we are glad to have you!

On the other hand...

If my message or my approach doesn't resonate with you down in your bones, then I'm not your girl and that's okay. There are sooo many folks out there who are hoping to help others. Go find someone that speaks to who you are or want to be.

I'm not for everyone, but if you want to be a leader who isn't afraid of the future, who knows how to embrace a challenge and inspire a team, then sign up and let's do this, together.

The leadership programs are designed so that you can either complete a program in one setting on your day off or easily break it up over many days, depending on how much time you have to spend.

Most of our students complete the entire program including video, audio, text, and reflection guide material within 4- 8 hours depending on how much time they spend on the reflection modules.

The courses include a mix of video, audio, and written text. Reflection questions and worksheets are also included so you can APPLY what you learn to your personal leadership.

Everything is written in easy to understand, plain language and is focused on the PRACTICAL side of leading a team.

If you are ready to level up your leadership (for a bargain price!) then this is the program for you.

If you need help with the course material, you can always ask me questions in the LinkedIn group, Facebook group, or via email at Sara@TheLeadershipReformation.com.

I am here to help make sure you have the support you need to apply what you learn to your leadership practice!

Absolutely! Just email me within 7 days of purchasing the course for a full refund.

If you don't feel like your view of managing your team is different after taking one of my courses, then send me an email and I will be happy to refund your money (minus the 2%-3% processing fee taken out by the payment processing companies).

For courses with live sessions, you have until the date of the live session to request refund. So, if you attend the session and decide this just isn't what you are looking for, then I am happy to refund your money. Just send me an email and I'll take care of you.

The Future is Here. Let's Do This!

Future-Proof Your Leadership

Sara Baker(3)