PACED Leadership: How to Create Non-Toxic Teams



Looking to create a positive and healthy workplace and take your leadership to the next level? You are in the perfect place!

This online accelerated leadership course helps leaders at every level understand how their work makes a difference. Learn how to create an environment where people feel safe, supported, motivated, and inspired as we guide you through creating your own action plan for success. Analyze your current performance and set goals for accountability, coaching, empowerment, setting purpose and vision and exhibiting courage in your leadership.

Leaders will learn the five actions that make a difference in leadership: accountability, coaching and developing others, being courageous, empowering the team, and helping each team member understand how their work is purposeful. Wondering why leadership and workplace culture are so important? Dr. Sara Baker, founder of the Leadership Reformation with 15+ years of leadership experience, explains it all in this engaging course.

  • Leaders who take this course will learn the five essential actions that make a healthy workplace.
  • These actions will help leaders create an environment where employees feel accountable, supported, and motivated.
  • This online leadership development course is easy to access and well-suited for busy leaders.
  • Define and set goals to create a healthy team with your Personalized (and printable) Leadership Plan

Leaders who complete the course will be better equipped to coach and develop their team members, create a more positive work environment, and understand how their work contributes to the overall purpose of the organization.

Be the leader that you are capable of being with our leadership development program!

Explore how you can leverage leadership styles, improve your communication, build relationships with your team, and engage and motivate your team members.
Defeat toxicity in the workplace by becoming a force for positive leadership.
Learn how your leadership actions can equip your team for success and reflect on the type of leader you are currently and the type you want to be.

Included Bonuses:

  • Leadership vs Management course and 30-day plan (valued at $197) to transform the dreary tasks of management and view them through the engaging eyes of leadership!
  • New! Leadership Action Plan with in-depth guidance and discussion to help you create your personalized leadership plan based on our all-time most popular leadership plan, 5 Powerful Action Steps to Leadership (valued at $197)

We use a variety of engaging formats, including videos, audio, and reflection guides to help you quickly (and easily) learn all the key concepts of leadership and, most importantly, how to be a good leader.

This is leadership development on your terms: your time, your way, when and where it’s best for you.

The PACED Leadership program includes access to:

  • Communicating as a Leader
  • How to Create a Work Environment that is Positive & Healthy
  • Leadership 101
  • How to Motivate and Engage Your Team
  • Nurturing a Positive Mindset
  • Leadership vs Management

Join us and become part of the Leadership Reformation that is reshaping what leadership means!

What Our Students Say

Anonymous survey results from students in Dr. Baker's online leadership courses

"Dr. Baker did an excellent job breaking the course material into manageable chunks to help me stay focused and not get overwhelmed."

"Dr. Baker is incredibly positive and encouraging, always willing to help and answer questions. I felt she was an actual person who cared about making sure I had all the information I needed to be successful."

"I am currently enrolled in my first two courses with Sara and the experience has been great. I am now looking forward to my role as a leader and am no longer intimidated."

"I was impressed with her feedback and knowledge of the material. She was very caring."